Top tips for a stylish home gym

Top tips for a stylish home gym

From the home office to the home gym, our homes have become more multifunctional than ever. No longer are they places we just live; they’re where we work, hangout – and workout.

Whilst exercising in front of the TV or laptop does the job, it’s always good to carve out specific spaces at home for specific moments of the day.

But how can you make a gym fit your home aesthetics? Good question. Read on for tips to inject a little style into your practical (and soon to be stylish) home gym.

Workout equipment doesn’t have to be big or ugly. There are many fitness brands selling high-quality, stylish gym accessories to match any aesthetic. From easily hidden resistance bands, to stackable weighted bangles.

The key to working out at home is making a differentiation between the workday and your time. Working out is for you. Create a space you love full of things you love, and make sure it’s away from the home office

1: Small and discreet

Finding equipment that can double as decorative features and match your overall home interior is the dream scenario.

Paving the way with aesthetically pleasing home gym equipment is sports accessories brand, Bala.

We believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories will change the way people move.’

Since launching in 2018, Bala has created an innovative range of fitness accessories in every colourway imaginable to match any aesthetic. Loved by influencers, Bala creates fitness accessories you’d be proud to leave on show.

After all, it’s much more fun to work out when you’re feeling inspired.

2: Results driven, yet stylish

If you’re more serious about your training and looking for equipment that rivals that found at the gym, it might be time to look purchasing an exercise bike or treadmill.

Now, this is a real commitment. There’s no way of hiding this piece of equipment, so you may as well get one that looks the part.

Peloton’s have become a staple in home gyms. Slim, stylish and perfect for those who thrive off group workouts.

In a similar vein, all-in-one smart machines like Tonal have been heralded as the ultimate strength training machine – an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Installed and attached to the wall, this piece of equipment takes up zero floor space, looks chic and provides powerful results.


3. Clever storage

If you’re stretched for space, clever storage is the way forward.

From the on-trend woven baskets for the yoga mats, to the open (low) shelves with storage boxes for the weights. Hiding your gym equipment and making it part of the decor by choosing storage that matches your room is a great hack to keeping things neat and tidy.

IKEA is an ideal place to shop for clever storage ideas. You could even use their FINTORP rail to hang your resistance bands and make it a bit of a feature.

When considering your set-up, remember that ease of access to equipment is essential. If it’s a pain to get out, you won’t use it.


4. Create the ambiance

Whether you’re practicing yoga or pushing yourself with a challenging HIIT workout, you’ll want surroundings that motivate and inspire you. That’s why creating a specific corner or spot for your workout is key.

Add some plants to help purify the air while boosting your mood, and purchase a long mirror to workout in front of. Not only will it make the space look bigger, you can also check your form too.

If you’re doing yoga or pilates, why not light a candle to add a little ‘zen’ to the atmosphere. The key here is to make a clear transition between your working day and your workout. Make it a ritual and it’ll begin to feel like an hour of escapism despite you still being at home.


5. Move it to the garage

If all else fails, take it to the garage. Spend some time renovating the space, because let’s face it, nine times out of ten the garage is just full of things we no longer use.

Pick a colour scheme that inspires you and fill it with art that makes you want to move. Then pump up those speakers and get your sweat on.

The key to working out at home is making a differentiation between the workday and your time. Working out is for you. Create a space you love full of things you love, and make sure it’s away from the home office

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