The Home Club

The Home Club is an, Exclusive, Invitation Only, Online Members Club for homeowners.

"The most exclusive Property Club in the World"

The Home Club facilitates the needs of our Members, before, during and after their residential building works.

These works include, loft conversions, extensions, basements and refurbishments.

The Home Club takes care of our Members Home and Lifestyle.

Members Benefits

  • The Home Club creates the right team for each of our Members residential building projects
  • The Home Club supply our Members with a discount voucher towards their: Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment on their residential building works via our trusted Affiliate Members
  • Members receive first look at our Members properties for sale before then enter the open market

We have an number of trusted partners named, Affiliate Members, who support our Members by giving us, first-look and discounts on their goods & services.

These goods and services related to property related, re: Home and also, lifestyle, Wellbeing, Luxury, Business. See Affiliate Members

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