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The Home Club

The Home Club is an Online Members Club and a passport to people, first look at goods & services, unique experiences, networking and events.

Members and Affiliate Members have all been verified and confirmed with current Identification.

The Home Club is a Trusted Global Community.

Our ethos is built on, 'old fashioned family values' which has an, innovative mind and philanthropic heart, building trust and giving back to communities.

This exact ethos along with our 'exclusivity' continues to give us the edge and scale-able interest in this crowded marketplace of online members clubs.

Since its inception, The Home Club has encapsulated a simple idea based on old fashioned belief in: trust, respect and honour which is where our exceptional personal service, common language and consistent behaviour is established and continues today.

The Home Club has sourced and personally verified our trusted commercial partners “Affiliate Members” located both locally in the UK and internationally, each providing a totally unique, curated experience for The Home Club Members – from leading lifestyle brands, to our favourite restaurants and much more.

The Home Club is an ethical business and we invest 50% of our gross profits into supporting communities. see our CSR here.

 Members Receive,

  • First Look at our Affiliates goods and services
  • Private phone number with 24/7 access to our Concierge Service accessing our Affiliates
  • Access to Exclusive experiences at Private Events i.e. Breakfast Club, Boutique Club, Lunch Club, Supper Club, PM Club (nightlife), Sports Club, Annual Banquet, Private Dining, Parties, 
  • Personal Introductions for personal and/or commercial interest.
  • Access to Exclusive Matchmaking

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