Fine Home Dining in Guildford

Fine Home Dining in Guildford

The Guildford food scene strikes a perfect chord between established favourites and hidden gems.

One of the things we miss most about life pre-lockdown is all the stellar dining experiences to be had on our little patch of Great Britain.

We may not be able to order the ambience by Deliveroo, but we can still enjoy the great cuisine we so dearly miss. Below, we’ve compiled our five favourite places to get take-away in Guildford (candlelight not included).


Kinghams is a traditional English eatery, but don’t go thinking it’s dated. Nestled in Gomshall lane, the quaint 17th century building sets a tone that’s both relaxed and refined. The food on offer is of high quality but still very much a comfort, and a small but ever-changing menu gives plenty of incentive to keep going back. At time of writing, Moroccan cuisine is the order of the day, with slow cooked Moroccan lamb shoulder, chakchouka, and charred sea bream available along with a host of rich North African sides. Kinghams offers both a two course and three course option – priced at a very reasonable £20 and £25 respectively.


Here we have another Guildford mainstay and long-time local favourite. Raviz separates itself from your standard Indian takeaway with its creative menu. The head chef and namesake, Ravi Binu, is forever adding to the flavours on offer and has even worked dumplings onto the menu. Spiced venison, aloo gobi and a Malabar fish curry that must be tasted to be believed are standout mains. And don’t shy away from the pigeon salad like we initially did – it’s actually delicious. Another short but sweet menu, with the mains priced at a maximum of £15 per dish.

Singling out an Italian restaurant for this list was always going to be difficult, but when a restaurant stands out amongst its peers like Positano does, you just have to give credit where it’s due.


Positano runs the gauntlet in terms of regional specialties. They manage to serve up an array of dishes from Napoli, Sicily and Campania without compromising on quality. Their menu is extensive, offering a substantial list of fish and meat mains alongside your pasta and pizza hall of famers. The two-course lunch deal (£10.95/head) is where the value’s at and they also boast an exceptional wine list.



The “little house” serves up a selection of authentic Spanish bites as well as the heartier classics. Paella, gambas pil pil, patatas bravas – La Casita has it all. Not only do they cover the fan favourites, they pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients so that their iterations of traditional Spanish cuisine are always of the highest quality. Vegans and vegetarians are also very well catered for. La Casita goes above and beyond the standard one or two veggie alternatives, cooking an array of standout dishes that just might convert the more carnivorous amongst you.


Expect fragrant floral flavours and a selection of curries that have you flipping coins at Rumwong Thai. But fear not – the beauty of Thai food is how sharable it is. So grab a couple of friends and pick out one of their set menus, bursting with flavour. Treat it like tapas or simply exchange bites and argue over whose is better. If you’re dining solo, try one of their four varieties of tom yum soup. You’ll be surprised at just how filling they are. For those with an eye on nutritional value, their soups are guilt-free too, with both vegan and vegetarian options available.

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