Half term around Guildford

Half term around Guildford

Yes, we know, it does seem like only 5 minutes since they went back to school. But half term is nearly upon us again. And if you’re not going away, you need to be prepared!

Here’s our list of things you can do to have fun on this invariably wet and muddy school break!

Get artistic without the mess at home!

Now this, we love. Outsource the messiness of creativity by booking into an arts or crafts session somewhere else. Watt’s Gallery is top of our picks for a genuinely lovely trip out. Not only is it nestled in beautiful Surrey countryside, just a few miles from Guildford, but it also offers arts and crafts for children. Now this isn’t just a bit of cutting and sticking, but real messy, arts and crafts with clay. You will need to buy a full price ticket for adults, but it’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. You can also visit the gallery itself, treat yourselves to a cuppa and cake at the café and take a look at the peaceful and inspiring Watt’s Chapel, just a few hundred metres down the road from the gallery.

Wear them out

If the weather’s not up to much, you may want to stay inside. But staying inside doesn’t mean sitting still. Take a look at what the local area has to offer for giving your kids the chance to let off steam while you get a coffee and catch up on those emails. The Spectrum is a natural choice with swimming, skating, bowling, climbing and food on offer. Surrey Sports Park is also a great option. Both are running half term courses as well as casual on-the-day sign-ups.

There’s also Airhop for kids with too much bounce and Craggy Island for the children who won’t stop climbing on the sofa. Got kids who don’t mind the rain? The tog them up in waterproofs and let them go nuts at Wild Wood treetop adventure or the Guildford Dry Ski Slope for adrenaline-fuelled fun.

Run, walk, jump, splash

Half term can quickly become an expensive business, especially if your bank account is still recovering from the summer holidays. But with Guildford sitting in some of the most the beautiful countryside, you don’t need to spend a penny to enjoy yourselves.

Some of The Home Club team’s favourite outdoor spots include The Chantries, Newlands Corner and Pewley Down. We’d also recommend walks along the River Wey – here’s a free self-guided walking guide to get you started!

Pick a pumpkin for Halloween

Who could forget that Halloween is at the end of half term? Head on down to the Friday and Saturday market and choose your pumpkins ready to spend an afternoon creating the goriest Jack o’ lanterns. Want something more involved? You could head off on a pumpkin picking trip, just outside Guildford. Secrett’s in Milford is running Pumpkin week for the whole of half term with insta-worthy fields of Pumpkins a-plenty and a much-welcome café.

Learn something new

Want to expand their minds but can’t be doing with heading into London? We hear you! Thankfully there are plenty of local interest where you and the kids can expand your minds at very little cost.

The Guildford museum is a great way to learn about the history of the town. They have a free history trail that you can use to learn more about the town and spark those young imaginations.

The Castle Grounds are a lovely place to enjoy a takeaway coffee while the kids let off some steam and explore the various tunnels and paths. You can get into the Castle keep for a small fee. It’s small but interesting with fantastic views from the top of the tower!

More ideas?

If there’s something you love doing that we’ve missed let us know and we’ll share the details with our community. Thanks!

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