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The Home Club is looking for individuals that are interested in becoming part of a global community of trusted people, ranging from: Students, Trainees, Apprentices, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and those that want to make something of themselves, by taking advantage of the benefits that The Home Club offers.

Those that receive approval for Membership begin as Candidates and go through the Initiation process. Upon completion of the Initiation Process, Seraphim Club Membership is given along with Membership Card and further opportunities.

Training and Real Experiences

Seraphim Club Members (known as Seraphim) are aged between 18 and 29 years of age.

Candidates are firstly Confirmed by email, upon receipt of which they receive the following training which is given once per month over one full day,

  • marketing
  • sales
  • networking
  • community

Upon completion of the training, Candidates will be invited to,

  • work experience with The Home Club            (week 1)
  • paid work experience with The Home Club    (week 2 & 4)
  • services to the community work                     (week 4)
  • debrief and advanced sales                             (week 5)
  • communication and networking event           (week 6)      

Upon completion of the training, Candidates will be invited to become a Seraphim Member.

Upon confirmation and signing of the Terms and Conditions of Seraphim Membership, Seraphim will be invited to attend a private event with the Founder over breakfast and further receive,

  • personally signed copy of our founders new nonfiction book 
  • short presentation and Q & A on Seraphim Club 
  • short discussion and Q & A on The Home Club

Seraphim will then be introduced to a mentor who will support them throughout their journey.


  • join one of The Home Club Affiliate Members
  • become a Director of own business
  • join one of The Home Club's additional employment opportunities working with entrepreneurs on alternative businesses
  • become a Director of one of The Home Club Foundations in the UK (based in UK location) 
  • become a Director of one of The Home Club's International Foundations (based in overseas location)
  • And so much more...

Automatic Invitation to The Home Club Membership

Initiation for Candidates

Diversify your life experience and professionally develop your range of attributes by taking part.  

You will:

  • develop enterprise skills
  • cultivate business acumen
  • create new knowledge
  • think creatively to produce innovative solutions to major challenges
  • collaborate with peers and industry experts, developing your networking skills
  • discover how to communicate research with impact to diverse audiences
  • gain project management skills in the context of business planning
  • learn about ethical, legal and health and safety aspects
  • become a team player as well as fostering mentoring/supervisory skills and
  • understand how funding is sourced and managed

Contact Us

27 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AF, United Kingdom