Seraphim Club

Seraphim Club is where The Home Club's 18 to 29 year old Seraphim Club Members, named: Seraphim begin their journey on to becoming The Home Club Members. 

We connect Seraphim across multiple nationalities and locations through specially curated events preparing their pathway to a lifestyle of opening up opportunities in their professional & personal lives.

We deliver Seraphim lifestyle in a way that is both fun and informative, while maintaining important elements of exclusivity, as we understand how valuable, privacy, security and time really are.

Seraphim events include Nightlife events, Sports Events, Networking Events, Wine Tastings, Private Art Viewings, Restaurant Openings, Luxury Car launches and more. Seraphim Club gives young professionals a platform for them to develop themselves and build personal and professional connections. Seraphim Club is part of and has the full support of The Home Club Affiliates and Members to provide Seraphim with privileged access to the finest and most exclusive dining, nightlife, and entertainment.

"Giving Opportunities, Guidance and Support will often deter people from negative choices and encourage them to embrace and experience life's positives with those of a similar outlook"

Darren Bolger - Founder of The Home Club

Seraphim enjoy the many following additional benefits,

One to One Mentoring

Confidence Building

Mental Health Support

Networking with Industry Leaders

Work Experience with The Home Club & their Affiliates

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Access to International Private Events and Parties

Complimentary Access to Networking Events 

Career & Personal Social Awareness and Opportunities

Travel & Personal Lifestyle Service Experiences

Certificate of Full Membership (completing "The Slate")

Membership Card (Completing The Slate")

The Phone Number of an Account Manager giving Seraphim Full Support against negatives including,


Hate Crime




Anti Social Behaviour

Knife Crime and Crime in General

See our Corporate Social Responsibility 'Services to the Community' here

A carefully curated membership ensures that Seraphim Members receive unparalleled access to the Support and Opportunities from The Home Club Members with very best of everything that life has to offer and introductions to like-minded people at exclusive events or one to one introductions.  

Drawing on an extensive network of over 30,000 global contacts, The Home Club puts All Members firmly at the centre. 

We proactively anticipate All Members needs: sourcing and giving Seraphim Members benefits and opportunities at the most desirable goods and services from our Affiliate Members. 

Our creative team organise and manage exclusive, private events, parties and bespoke journeys; locating luxurious accommodation and transport; negotiating premium upgrades and savings; opening doors for All Members to unique and unforgettable experiences. 

The Home Club has a Strict Policy of a maximum number of Seraphim at any one time.

 See Members Benefits and Fees here 

 Candidates to register interest here 

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