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Phoenixes are offered individual Mentoring by Club 19-33 Members.

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Phoenixes will be supported by Club 19-33 Members.

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Schools will have the ongoing support and Mentoring opportunities throughout the lives of their pupils, named; Phoenixes.

Phoenixes will received support from our Club 19-33 Members.

Phoenixes will be invited to exclusive events, including the annual Banquet Atelier, trips, experiences and be part of The Home Club's trusted Community.

Phoenixes are trusted and supported by The Home Club, Club 19-33 Members, Members, Honorary Members, Board Members, Circle Members and the President.

Club 19-33 Members will give their free time to visit schools and give talks both, to the school in assembly, in classroom groups and other much smaller groups.

Club 19-33 Members will talk about their own lives and experiences so that pupils can relate to them and believe that they are of equal value in the community and should have no fears of failure or inadequacy.

Club 19-33 Members will be open and frank with Phoenixes as some of our Members will have come from hard to reach and/or criminal backgrounds, turning their lives around for the greater good. Some will also have privileged backgrounds which given alternative viewpoint.

Club 19-33 Members will give pupils insights as to what really can be achieved and in addition, give them the ongoing support to assist the Phoenixes to achieve their goals, avoid crime, afford everyone with diversity and equality and promote mutual respect and Trust.

Club 19-33 Members will also be available to listen, advise and act when pupils are being bullied, victimised and/or otherwise mistreated, and each and evert complaint will be immediately delivered directly to the President of The Home Club who will act accordingly and with immediate protection and support for any victim. Anyone (inside or outside of The Home Club) that is proven to have bullied and/or victimised and/or otherwise mistreated any Phoenix Member and they will receive an 'eternal ban' from The Home Club.