Process of joining The Home Club

If you interested in joining The Home Club as either, Members, Affiliates, Brand Ambassadors and/or introducers are to follow and complete these basic steps.


Due Diligence - Part 1

  1. Purchase and read the Autobiography of The Home Club President -Darren Thomas Bolger named; Operation Westminster - Tandem Connexa.

Read Book

Due Diligence - Part 2

2. Once you have read the Book, list the names of the people* contained within the book that are known to you. Click on the "ADD" and complete the page and include the full names of all those known to you, placing a comma between each full name.


Due Diligence - Part 3

3. You will receive an email with The Home Club registration form for your completion and return.


Due Diligence - Part 4

4. Upon the completion and review of the registration document, being no issues or concerns with the relationship between those contained within the Book and those proposed, the initial registration stage is completed. 


Due Diligence - Part 5

5. Proposed Member must then supply a copy of their passport, main address of residence and return to The Home Club. The Home Club will confirm receipt of the fully completed form and identification, where after the full payment for the relative Membership is due within 14 days.


Due Diligence - Part 6

6. If it is found that the is either false and/or misleading information contained within the registration document and identification, then that person/s is/are immediately withdrawn from The Home Club with no refund of fees and given an eternal ban.