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 Honorary Member

(all Members are verified with current information and photo ID)

Honorary Members receive,

  • First Look at our Affiliates goods and services sent directly to Members via email
  • Private phone number 24/7 access to our Concierge Service accessing our Affiliates
  • Access to Exclusive Matchmaking only with current Members
  • Access to Exclusive Private Events i.e. Breakfast Club, Boutique Club, Lunch Club, Supper Club, PM Club (nightlife), Sports Club, Annual Banquet, Private Dining, Parties, 
  • Personal Introductions for personal and/or commercial interest.

The Home Club Circles four main headings, Home, Wellbeing, Luxury, Business

Honorary Members have full access to Affiliates in the Home and Wellbeing headings,

  • Health and Relationships
  • Art
  • Social and Networking

Limited to 'Key' Members and immediate family members in each city/county/state(

Membership duration 12 months) 

Membership Fees: POA

Invitations to The Home Club are made via our Affiliate Members and Seraphim Club Members.Members children are automatically invited to become candidates for Seraphim Club