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Corporate Social Responsibility - Services to the Community

The Home Club's foundation is to build a trusted community for the benefit of people and communities. 

The Home Club' Services to the Community is about supporting initiatives that are both already positively impacting many people’s lives within our Communities and assisting with the development of new initiatives as The Home Club promotes and supports collaboration, communication and widening impact by raising awareness of existing programmes. 

The Home Club connects organisations and individuals who, when combined, will become stronger, more conscious and respectful of each other, having a greater benefit to society. 

Ultimately, the goal is to enable a more socially mobile society to be inclusive and supportive to each Community and to develop a positive environment for everyone wanting to achieve more for their future and for the world around them. This applies not just to those of us today but also for future generations, and of all age groups regardless of ethnicity, gender, culture or background. 

In doing this, we will together, create a higher level of competitive advantage for UK in the International Commercial Markets, while accelerating the path to opportunity for everyone willing to work hard for a better future.

Below is a walk through of The Home Club's opportunities, journey and intent and pledge to invest 50% of The Home Club's company gross profits to fund, Social Enterprises, THC Entrepreneurship Club, Seraphim Club, Phoenix Club, Justice on Appeal and Local Charity & Community Projects.

Hear more on the Riverside Radio interview here and (interview on Seraphim Club Launch)

The Home Club - Social Enterprise - CSR

THC Entrepreneurship Club

THC Entrepreneurship Club

THC Entrepreneurship Club


The Home Club Entrepreneurship Club provides a forum for Seraphim to network and share ideas, promoting an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and help to cultivate and develop their own ideas. Whether in the context of starting their own business or working for a firm with an entrepreneurial culture, the club endeavours to help make the most of their time at business school and to equip them for the challenges they face in the commercial marketplace. 

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Seraphim Club

THC Entrepreneurship Club

THC Entrepreneurship Club


The Home Club Seraphim Club provides a structured program of taking experienced or inexperienced people aged 18 - 29 who want to understand how to be an Entrepreneur, the culture, how to cultivate ideas, develop networks, create partners and affiliations and the importance of sales.

Seraphim receive ongoing mentoring and support via a private phone number where requests and concerns are addressed. Seraphim are also given 'paid' experience with The Home Club and its Affiliate Members.

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Phoenix Club

Justice on Appeal

Justice on Appeal


The Home Club Phoenix Club provides a structured program for current or ex-prisoners aged 18 - 29 who are so often restricted with employment options and want to gain new opportunities, reintegrate into society with a fresh outlook that will steer them away from the temptations of crime and criminal activity. 

Support and guidance is given by a tiered system of mentoring and external support partners who give encouragement and advice.

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Justice on Appeal

Justice on Appeal

Justice on Appeal


Justice on Appeal gives pro bono advice and support to all Phoenix Club, Seraphim Club Members and was founded on the words, 

"To fight for Justice for those that have no means to do battle for themselves.

Do right and fear none"

Law Students who are Seraphim receive work/experience for JA.

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BMX Jam Wandsworth

BMX Jam - Wandsworth

Creating a Safer Community - Event at the, Kimber Road Skateboard and BMX park for the Local Wandsworth Community



Supporting the next generations to be more confident and compete in a modern day environment for their team.


No time too soon

Encouragement, support and opportunities begin at the earliest stage of life. Creating a safer environment is crucial for the communities.


Supporting future Home Grown Entrepreneurs and business leaders

Giving talks to Students on career and the journey of an entrepreneur. 

Encouragement and laughter ensured a great response from school students considering their future career options.


Advice and Insights

Giving time for one-to-one advice and insights, sharing experiences and knowledge to the future community builders. 


Work experience and Apprenticeships

Giving opportunities to work alongside professionals, to firstly trial a career, then make informed decisions on the future training. 

Written recomendation for Darren Bolger from the Mayor of Wandsworth Counsellor Nicola Nardeilli and lifetime place in the local authority register trust and honour are referred to in this document

Reference from Mayor of Wandsworth


Supporting the whole of London

Pictured above at the top of the picture: The Home Club Founder - walking the Whittington walk from Whittington Hospital in Highate London alongside 26 Greater London Mayors and Lord Mounteveans the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of the City of London (past) 

The Home Club made a pledge to give back to the Communities by donating to the Whittington Hospital.

The pledge made in honour of the Mayors in attendance and those absent, who do so much to support their communities.


Supporting Greater London

The Home Club supports each and every community and its Mayor by continuing to donate to the Local Community


Supporting the City of London

The Home Club here making financial donation to the Lord Mayor of the City of London's City Giving Day Causes



Pictured above: Stephi a German National studying business in London and wanting to be a successful female entrepreneur. 

Whilst having a dream, she had no means of realising real life training and mentoring until joining The Home Club. 

Her own words below tell of how she felt from the experience, which developed into what is now known as: the Seraphim Club,


Mentor Entrepreneur

“I am a 25 year old German National studying business in London. I was introduced to Darren via * as I want to become a leading female entrepreneur but just didn't know how or where to begin or how to be an Entrepreneur.

Darren, via his company The Home Club and his company gave me this opportunity and agreed to mentor me as part of his company’s new, ‘Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Initiative.’ Darren’s mentoring program helped me to realize crucial details that will guide me to develop myself in order to have a successful career. He showed me how to think critically at every step. As a student, you do not realize how important these stages are in a process of building a business as an Entrepreneur. People mention Networking, it all the time, but because it seems a daily routine, you simply stop paying attention to keeping shaping it. Darren’s great experience and creativity gave me a better vision about how to study clients to satisfy their expectations and necessities, then how to give back showing added value in business. Darren also motivated me to ‘dream big’, be innovative, create blue oceans and transform communities. A business is not just about making money anymore, but to be able to reshape the future. Nowadays, I have stronger and more compelling understanding of business and importantly how to be a successful Entrepreneur, so that when I complete my business studies and begin my business project, then it will be much more solid than before. Having the theory and a close look at the practice, gives me a great advantage. 

Now it is my turn to put into practice what I have learned. Darren’s Apprentice Entrepreneurs program does not leave me here but will also give further guidance and support throughout my Entrepreneurial Journey. Neither Darren nor The Home Club has charged me a penny for mentoring me and has taken a considerable time from their schedule, introducing me into the business and entrepreneurial marketplace. 

I actually loved it!” 

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Award Winning Businessman, founder of The Home Club Darren Bolger in navy blue business suit receiving his award, the Badge of Honour, from the Mayor of Wandsworth, counsellor Nicola Nardelli in the Mayors Parlour with fireplace British Union Flag and ancient tapestry hung on wall

Home Grown Entrepreneur and Investor in Communities - The Home Club Founder

Darren Bolger receives the Badge of Honour for Services to the Community by cllr. Nicola Nardelli Mayor of Wandsworth (November 2015)

The Badge of Honour or Queen's Certificate and Badge of Honour is a civil award presented by the governments of British Overseas Territories. Established in 1928, it was presented to recognize loyal and valuable service by native chiefs and other non-European dignitaries within the British Empire. 

It is currently awarded for meritorious services to the local community of an exceptional or outstanding nature. 

The Certificate and Badge of Honour continues to be awarded in Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, the Cayman Islands, and Bermuda.