CC Developments UK 2007

CC Developments UK was formed in 2007 by Darren Bolger to address the many issues within the Building and Construction industry, beginning with Apprenticeships.

Darren’s own experience as labourer, then Indentured Carpenter & Joiner having completed a three-year Apprenticeship, before honing his skills, had given Darren the insights and the insider knowledge to develop the future craftsmen and women of the future.

Even the events in Norwich in November 2011 did not deter Darren from Delivering upon his Apprenticeship Initiative and he reveals in his new book, Operation Westminster. The harrowing times he faced at the same time as initiating the Apprenticeship Scheme for the Department of Work & Pensions and Job Centre Plus, working with the Ealing Hammersmith & West London College. See the below press articles.

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Darren continued to develop local Apprentices throughout and now returns to add extra value to bring even more Apprentices to the UK .

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