The Home Club - President

Darren Thomas Bolger is an Author, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur, Award winning Businessman

His business career began in construction and property when he founded a large residential building company in South-West London. 

This led to him designing and delivering an apprenticeship initiative for the construction sector on behalf of the UK government (via the Department of Work and Pensions and Job Centre Plus.

He is President of The Home Club, which he established and developed as an exclusive online membership association where trusted individuals around the world meet each other online and at prestigious events, to engage in profitable new business ventures, connect with luxury brands, and participate in philanthropic causes and community projects.

Darren also founded the registered charity, Justice on Appeal, as a result of having to deal personal injustice in his own life The charity was designed to help victims of miscarriages of justice: it gathered evidence for appeals, with the help of law students, to set records straight and release innocent prisoners. 

His philanthropic work was rewarded with the Badge of Honour for community services bestowed by the London Borough of Wandsworth.