1729 Club Members are aged between 17 and 29 years of age.

In the same way as other Memberships, Affiliates, Associates and Events have been founded upon interest, The Home Club is proud to invite Candidates to become 1729 Members, to join The Home Club and enjoy great benefits, such as 'paid' work experience, 'paid' apprenticeships, 'paid' employment, travel, parties, events, and networking opportunities once completing the initiation process which is where a mutual trust and respect is founded and enhanced.


The Home Club is looking for individuals that are interested in becoming part of a global community of trusted people, ranging from: Students, Trainees, Apprentices, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and those that want to make something of themselves, by taking advantage of the benefits that The Home Club offers.

Those that receive approval for Membership begin as Candidates and go through the Initiation process. Upon completion of the Initiation Process, 1729 Club Membership is given along with Membership Card and further opportunities.

All students that have been Ambassador Club Members are automatically offered initiation as a Candidate of the 1729 Club Membership upon reaching their 17th Birthday. (subject to being Carded - see Carded below)


It is often very difficult to escape from the norm, find, then realise hope and real opportunities and have a different focus and outlook in life. The Home Club, its Affiliates, Associates and Members recognise the need to give these positive opportunities to future generations and yet are also conscious of the current culture and mindset of those that believe; that they are due to receive such benefits without any real input or participation. 

Initiation for Candidates

People develop at different stages in life and The Home Club ensures that we give fair and balanced opportunities to every Candidate wanting to be a 1729 Club Member.

The Home Club takes 1729 Club Members through a process that is both flexible, gives a real sense of achievement, purpose and reward, both emotionally and financially and without placing any undue pressure or expectations on the 1729 Club Member.

The Home Club realises that we need to give ongoing support to 1729 Club Members throughout their Initiation and beyond, and this is done by Candidates having a: Support network who are on hand to answer any problems and address any negative threats to our 1729 Club Members, by discretely placing all issues directly to Darren Bolger to review and give care and immediate action to those who raise any issues or concerns.


There are so many rewards to be achieved as a 1729 Club Member, from taking pride in helping others in the community, progressing your own lives and those of your family and friends. 

There are work experience, training and apprenticeship opportunities with some of our Affiliates and Associates.

There are Mentoring and even employment opportunities to be achieved.

Either way, there are many ways of receiving financial rewards with The Home Club.

As 1729 Club Member, we offer you travel and parties to attend (age considerations apply) both in the UK and Internationally and the ability of becoming; either an Influencer or at its highest, a Brand Ambassador of The Home Club where you would receive paid employment and Access All Areas of The Home Club as VIP, similar to all Members.

Policing - Carded

Everyone makes mistakes and The Home Club is here to ensure that mistakes are corrected and the impact to the recipient is understood and adequately addressed, giving our 1729 Club Members comfort, safe in the knowledge, that they are part of a long term community, that receives an equal measure of support and security.

However, The Home Club is well aware that there are some people, that are driven to cause upset and issues, rather than make mistakes and dependent upon the level of issue, which will be decided by Darren Bolger, and if found to have caused serious issue, the 1729 Club Member will be Carded.

Initially (dependent upon the issue) with a yellow card where 1729 Club Members will revisit the beginning of their Membership from the Initiation stage and with a clean 'slate'.

If a second or initial - serious issue is proven, then the 1729 Club Member will receive a Red Card and then is banned from any part of The Home Club along with any blood relative of their family. This is an eternal ban and is never undone.

The reason that this level of punishment is in place, is that The Home Club is driven to protect its Members (all levels) as we feel that once experiencing The Home Club and all of the many benefits, there is no worse place than outside of The Home Club and if taking your family along with you, then this only adds to that misery.

"We are all made equal - please respect that through all of our indifference's." Darren Bolger

If coming from a place outside of The Home Club - where issues have already been adjudicated and depending upon the issue(s), Candidates all begin with a clean 'slate' and a chance to rebuild their lives from this point.

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